Graphic Design can say a Thousand Words’, but what words do they say?

Have you ever doubted the mighty power of images? Time and time over trademarks across the world are easily recognisable. Take a look at these few below:





What are your first impressions associated with these symbols? For good or bad,  positive or negative.

It’s important when you are considering your graphic design and logo design and even your web design, to take a moment to consider these following two questions:

  1. What do my audience visualise when they see my logo, my brochures and my advertising?
  2. How have I defined myself by my current visual media and what does it say about my products and services to my customers?

Let me share 6 graphic design tips to consider when you start to brand your product or service:

1. Keep all your graphic design simple, clean and crisp

Simple is not to be translated basic and insignificant. Simple means to keep in clean, crisp and without all the ‘fluff’. The saying sometimes less is more is very true!!

In order to do the effectively, it is essential to define your core business. It could be value for money, quality workmanship, a high level of experience, that you are innovative, that you are an award winner, service that goes the extra mile.

If your customers could take away one thing after viewing  your branding or logo design, what would that one thing be that  you want people to know about your product, service or event. Consider the one or event two key elements that will make you stand out from the rest of the crowds, that you know you can deliver on.

2. Incorporate a little unexpected twist in your graphic design

What do you do to hook your audience? How do you sustain their interest? How do you sell them your ideas? For any idea to stick it is essential to generate interest and curiosity, don’t make your message gimmicky, predictable nor cliché.

3. Credibility is everything

People can smell integrity a mile off and they do not want to be taken for a ride. What do you do to help people believe you service, brand or product is better than your competitor? Take time to reveal your credentials in your business or event through your graphic design. Who are you associated with? Are you a member of any groups or associations? How long have you been established?

Uncluttered, clean space is essential to any graphic design you prepare so always direct people to your website where they can read through the pages of your business and see the testimonials and credibility you bring to your area of expertise.

4. Clear and concrete images makes for great graphic design

Years of research has revealed that our brains are designed to remember concrete data. The question we need to creatively answer is  ‘how do I make my ideas so clear that they mean the same thing to all my customers’? In a visual world, it’s important to always include concrete imagery to enhance your carefully crafted message, strategies, vision and mission statements.

5. An emotive experience is a hook in your graphic design

Humanly speaking we are naturally drawn to feel things for people. The question remains, how do you encourage people to care about your product, your service or your brand? It is key  to evoke an emotion through your visual media and branding. Consider an emotion of enjoyment, anticipation, security, workmanship or belonging. The key is determining which emotion to evoke in your designs and at what time.

6. Graphic design tells a story

A well told story causes people to act on your ideas. Help people see themselves in the story of your branding, the story of your product or service. A great start is to help people dream about your story and even see themselves completing the story you are advertising.

“Creativity is connecting things” (Steve Jobs). By connecting these six principals together will ensure that your idea, your brand, product or your service will stand out from the business that follows you. When scanning your web design and other websites on the internet and social media, remind me why I should pick your product and not the next?

Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions regarding this article or if we can help in any way with your graphic design or web design needs, whether you are based here on the Gold Coast or interstate.