Regardless of what industry your business is in, a solid and clearly defined brand identity is critical for your business to stand out in the marketplace and be differentiated from your competitors.

You must ensure that your company branding is spot on and consistent across all channels.

It’s more than just a logo when it comes to your brand identity.  Graphics and visual imagery including fonts, colours, slogans and designs all make up your visual branding too! This visual branding must be applied on everything; website, social media, printed materials, business cards and so on, to have a memorable, effective visual branding effect.

Here are some tips to build a successful visual brand identity:

Know Your Target Market

Now, we all know that good marketing entails having a well-defined target market.  This is your ideal customer, your demographic. What do they like?  Create your visual branding tailored to them.  For example, if your target market is children, then aim for bright fonts, colours, graphics and images that appeals to children.  Your brand needs to make a connection with them, so think like your target audience and produce designs that are appropriate.

Have Original and Unique Designs

While it might be tempting to copy other successful business brands and logos, it’s never a good idea. Even though there’s certainly a possibility that something similar to your brand might exist given the millions of businesses in the world, it’s unlikely to help your business by clearly imitating others brand identity.  Original branding conveys an authentic and trustworthy message to your market, and most importantly, is the key to stand out and set yourself apart from your competitors.

Have Consistent Designs Across All Mediums

When you have created a visual brand that appeals to your target audience, apply this idea towards all your imagery and graphics. This includes your website, printed materials, social media and so on. It is important to keep consistent with your style, as to not confuse your audience. Set up a ‘Style Guide’ for your team to follow. Consistency portrays a reliable and dependable image for your business, and when designing your logo, think about how it can be rendered and applied across different mediums.

Having a clearly recognisable and consistent visual brand can help your business effectively connect and communicate with your audience, giving you the advantage from your competitors by standing out.  Success is achieved when people can easily associate your business when they see a certain colour scheme, shape, font or logo.

When it comes to branding design, it can be rather a challenging feat!  Here at Graphic Design Perth, we have a team of highly skilled and experienced graphic designers who can bring your business to life via visual branding.  Contact us for more information today!