Professional Logo Design Perth

Our logo design packages are bespoke and professionally created graphic design suites.


Perth Logo Designs

When it comes to designing an effective logo for your business, you’re after set criteria:

  1. It should pop
  2. It should scream your brand identity
  3. It should be memorable
  4. It should be versatile

Through our Perth logo design services we’ve delivered countless designs that you’re probably seeing all across the city today.

We’ve got Perth’s hottest graphic design talent on the team, and we’re wanting to deliver affordable and professional logo design solutions to your business.

Logo Design Perth Packages

Your logo design package comes with more than just a simple image:

  1. A professional logo including full vector artwork
  2. Professional style guide aiding in brand consistency
  3. Business card design mockup
  4. Polo shirt design mockup

Trust our efficient logo design process that will deliver the best design for your business use.


Our Logo Design Process


design project scope

All the best projects start off with a meeting, either online or face to face. We take your ideas, the goals of your business, and your target audience to come up with a list of necessary items to visually showcase your business.

The reality is, people, judge the quality of your service by the quality of your logo and branding.


logo design & creation

With your complete brief on hand and some competitive research completed, we start with designing your vector logo.

Our professional graphic design team usually takes about a week or two to get your logo package suit together.


logo delivery

Once we’re happy with the final design of your business logo (we usually need to sleep on it) we’ll package it up and send it over to you for review.

Depending on your package you’ll be presented with a number of logo mockups. as well as a small brand story that inspired us to create what we did. 

We normally ask you to review the designs, sleep on it, and then come back to us with feedback from there.


requests for change

The creative process, especially in logos, is a funny thing. Sometimes the logo will blow you away straight away, other times you might find you’re totally in love with it the next morning.

Either way, you’re perfectly entitled to your feedback and reviews, because this is your business and we need to get it right.

Our logo designs always come with at least one round of reviews to make those small tweaks towards perfection.

Logo Design The Building Blocks of your Branding

Why Trust Your Logo To Us?

In an age where you can easily have your logo designed cheaply overseas the temptation to save on costs in these early stages is great.

However, it is important to remember that your logo is the first building block of your branding.

It will guide your brand’s story from here on. Your website design will be hugely influenced by it and so will how you’re presented to the market.

You want this done right with a responsive team on your side that guides you through your entire business journey.

Assisting businesses with their logo design in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, and all over Australia!

Ready to get started with your logo design?