Websites have come a long way from simple online platforms designed to provide information about your business to sophisticated platforms incorporating a wide range of features for the benefit of the user.

Nowadays with WordPress website design, you can really push design boundaries at very affordable rates.

It’s no surprise that both startups and renowned corporations are trying to attract potential customers with well-designed websites that combine appearance and performance.

Let’s have a look at 6 web design trends that you are likely to see more of in the coming months and years.

1. Shapes filled with colorful gradients

This might sound oddly defined, but the fact is while the flat design is still holding on, for now, brands are beginning to show interest in gradients inside abstract shapes.

Social action marketplace Sweet has a fabulous website design that features a number of organic, colorful shapes that provide useful information about the brand.

The gradient offers a depth in website design that helps to create an eye-catching layout. The gradient infuses a new lease of life into the design, hence making it look more vibrant and energetic.

2. Bigger Navigation

Navigation is the core of any web design layout. Online businesses need users to be engaged enough so that they could start navigating the site. Even the most experienced designers find the task of making navigation appealing a challenging task.

Bigger and bolder navigations look set to emerge on the page to take more prominence this year. This translates to bigger font size and bolder designs. Though this trend is still in its infancy, we’re seeing it appearing frequently with designers wanting to see how it impacts lead conversions.

3. Dark Backdrops

The use of dark backdrops on web pages has always attracted debates regarding their visual appeal, but they appear to be slowly making an impact.

Pulling it off might be a challenging task, but when applied well, a website can leave a lasting impression on the viewer. Anyone who has watched iPhone X commercial on tech giant Apple’s website must be knowing how dark backgrounds can be used smartly.

4. Full-screen video

Full-screen videos are now dominating social media platforms, and their popularity and usage is likely to be followed by website designs.

People may have their thoughts about loading time and scale for mobile, but you cannot ignore the visual effects of full-screen videos.

5. Interactivity & Animation

It is a fact that internet users are instantly drawn to the movement on the screen. From moving images to micro-transactions, you can expect to see more interactivity and animation on the website designs to surprise the user and create an alluring experience.

6. Retro Design Aesthetic

Retro designs are back again. As we embrace bolder and striking designs where there’s endless scope for experimentation, the time seems ripe to bring back old design elements with a hint of nostalgia.

Many brands have used retro designs in their website design with considerable success as it helps to evoke memories of an era gone by. Old-timers, especially, become more engaged to such designs as they are taken for a nostalgic trip down memory lane.

As you decide to redesign your website or create it from scratch, keep these web design trends in mind.